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Profitable strategies for binary options & nbsp;

Gewinnbringende Strategien bei binären Optionen

As with Forex and share trading, you need a certain amount of knowledge and strategies, to make a profit when trading binary options over the long term. There are two main strategies in the world of professional traders: It is the Technical Analysis or Chart Analysis and the Fundamental analysis, we describe here with short summaries. For complete article click on Fundamental analysis or Chart Analysis. Furthermore, we will still appeal to an empirical strategy here, which e.g.. the Trendstrategie heard, in another Articles are also discussed in detail. Profitable strategies, there are many. However, they must correctly apply.

Acting according to the technical analysis

Technical analysis - or even the Chart Analysis - Deals with courses in the past, to predict the future development. This type of analysis is based on the "Dow Theory". This theory came from an excellent financial analyst and co-founder of the "Wall Street Journal" and is based on the principle "The market remembers". That is, that the market behaves according to specific patterns. These patterns repeat themselves constantly. In other words, we can say, that the analysis of the last decades we know the pattern and it can predict the development of an asset with a high reliability. Therefore, the technical analysis consists of the analysis of chart with the help of technical indicators (for further information or additional charts) and the observation of patterns of graphs / Candlestick chart patterns. This type of analysis is used by traders most. Furthermore you will find a lot of information in books and on the Internet.

Acting according to the tendency indicator

Another method, being debated in various forums often, is the observation of an indicator, indicating the tendency of traders (also: Stimmung that Trader Indicator). This tool is often provided by brokers. This indicator describes the balance (Ratio of CALL to PUT the respective asset) the currently open positions. Since the traders at online brokers do not act directly on the exchange and pursue many no strategy and act only according to "gut feeling", this indicator is not absolutely reliable. We encourage you to rely on such indicators in no case. It is even worth considering this indicator to act opposite.

Trade nach der Fundamentalanalyse

We have compiled the reasons Fundamental analysis is the second major branch of analysis tools for trading binary options. This method is based exclusively on the economic data and the general economic climate, with which one tries the future development of assets previously to say. Example: The crisis of 2008 was a good example to bet on falling prices of publicly traded companies, above all banks and investment funds. If you look at it in detail, so there are dozens of small indicators, which are published daily (z.B. Unemployment rate of a country). All these data are in Economic calendars in real time available. The observation of these indicators can help you decide, if you put on a falling or rising price.


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